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Mango and Strawberry Supreme


1 tub Lite Cool Whip, chilled
1 cup ripe mango, mashed
1 cup fresh strawberries, mashed
1 tsp. vanilla extract
1 cup each thin slices of ripe mangoes and strawberries
Graham Crackers

Blend half of the cream with  mashed mango and the other half with mashed strawberries. Then add vanilla and set aside.

In a square 9 x 9-inch Pyrex or any transparent dish, assemble graham crackers on the bottom of the dish then layer with cream mixture top with mango slices and a layer of graham crackers. Alternate with the strawberry mixture and strawberry slices.

Repeat the process, ending with the cream mixture on top. Sprinkle with chopped nuts (optional). Garnish with more slices of mangoes and strawberries. Chill before serving.

*Buy the Ataulfo mangoes they are in season spring until summer time. If it is a little bit sour you can add a few tablespoon of condensed milk. You can buy the mangoes in Chinatown, Filipino stores or you can check your local grocery stores. You can substitute the mangoes to peaches, strawberries or blueberries…experiment and enJOY! AddThis social bookmarking image button