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I stumbled upon this episode of Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern Philippines in Travel Channel. This was aired last 2007 which I missed but thank God for youtube I finally seen it. The episode more focused on Luzon, northern part of the Philippines. They have shown Filipino delicacies which some of it I have heard, eaten and miss…like the banana que, balut (I just eat the yolk part). But some of the dishes are truly bizarre even for me as Filipino. Kudos to you Mr. Zimmern you have a stomach of steel. Lastly I was really proud that  they showed Palawan, it is one of the most beautiful islands in the Philippines. Breathtaking beaches and rainforest….it is indeed the final frontier.

Bizarre Foods Part 1 of 6

Bizarre Foods Part 2 of 6

Bizarre Foods Part 3 of 6

Bizarre Foods Part 4 of 6

Bizarre Foods Part 5 of 6

Bizarre Foods Part 6 of 6

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Source: Travel Channel Bizarre Foods w/Andrew Zimmern