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Pepper.ph’s Version: Happy Lemon Rock Salt and Cheese


For Tea: (Not exactly accurate)

2 sachet black tea (used Green Tea w/Brown Rice)
2 cups Hot water
Sugar or Corn Syrup (used honey)

Prepare tea in advanced.
Steep black tea in hot water for 3-5 minutes.
Allow the tea to cool and put in the chiller for at least two hours.

For Cheese Foam:

1/2 cup Cream cheese spread, softened
1/4 cup Condensed milk, chilled
1/3 cup Whipping cream, chilled well
Himalayan pink rock salt

In a bowl, whisk cream until a bit thick like syrup.
Add softened cream cheese and condensed milk
Whisk together well. Keep in chiller until ready to use.


When serving, pour tea in a glass.
Add in syrup (amount based on sweetness level preference) and stir.
Add 2-3 spoons of cheese foam.
Sprinkle with Rock salt. Serve.

Note: In a hurry? Add ice to the tea to cool it faster. If you’re doing this, make sure to steep the tea longer to have a stronger tea—ice will dilute it.

*I found this concoction from my new favorite foodie website Pepper.ph. I was totally intrigue with ingredients tea? cream cheese?  condensed milk? Himalayan pink salt….hmmmm it got me thinking why not?! So I went to my pantry to see what do I have and needed to buy. It turned out I have everything and just Himalayan pink salts I need to buy and just a few adjustments. I bought it from Home Goods, there were a few choices of the salt but I end buying the fine Himalayan pink salt, it more like coarse grind. I didn’t have black tea, I used green tea w/brown rice, honey instead of sugar, and both the whipping cream and cream cheese I used non-fat because that’s what I had on hand.

The result I finished one glass while writing this blog. It is sweet, salty plus the earthiness of the tea…very refreshing drink! Two thumbs up. A shout out to the team Pepper.ph copycat or not…Thank you for always thinking outside of the box! enJOY!!!

Source: Pepper.ph