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Foodie Penpal

Today is the reveal day for the month of May for Foodie Pen Pal. I got my first box of goodies from Erika of MCM Mama. If you have no idea what I’m talking about or what is Foodie Pen Pal is…this the brilliant idea  of Lindsay of The Lean Green Bean.

This is to all food lovers, foodies and who aren’t afraid to experiment and try even at least once. Well, this might be you. You have to sign up for Foodie Penpals through The Lean Green Bean. Every 5th of the month you are paired with someone, your Foodie Pen Pal. This person have send a box of goods worth $15, then you get to send a box to another Foodie Pen Pal. You get communicate by email with the person and tell them your likes and dislikes. You can send local items in your area or even homemade and send a letter explaining the items in the box. This is also a great opportunity to share your foodie knowledge and at the same time learn from others, and check out their blogs. By the end of the month you get to reveal the contents of your goodie box. For more details about Foodie Pen Pals and if you think this is for you click on the link below:

The Lean Green Bean

So here is the contents of my foodie goodie box:

  • Bug Bites Organic Dark and Milk Chocolate– Super love the chocolates and dark chocolate is my favorite and just the perfect bite. My son loves this too especially every pack comes with a card with a picture of an insect and information of an endangered species.

  • Homemade Red Pepper Salsa- made by Erika’s mom, it is wonderfully delicious. It is sweet and and a hint of spiciness. I once just added to my pan seared Tilapia and it was gooood.

Thanks Erika of MCM Mama for the box of goodies, there was something new and all time favorite…you did hit the right notes. Good luck on your goal on running in all 50 states. You are indeed an inspiration to all the mom’s out there. It’s never too late to do it, you just have to start.

Thank you again to Lindsay for this wonderful idea and I’m looking forward to June.