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Bonchon Style Chicken Wings


1.5 lbs of chicken wings
2 table spoons of all purpose flour
1 table spoon of Rice Flour (you can substitute cornstarch)
2 teaspoons of salt
1 teaspoon of pepper
2 teaspoon of Chicken Bouillon

Mix flour, salt, pepper and chicken bouillon in a large zip lock bag, toss the chicken wings in the bag and give them a nice coating. Remove the wings and place in a colander and lightly shake off excess flour.

Preheat a deep fryer or a pot of oil to 350F. Add the chicken wings and fry for 10 minutes.

Remove chicken wings from oil and place on rack to cool for 3 minutes

Put chicken wings back in oil and fry for another 10 minutes

Remove chicken wings from oil and place on rack for a couple minutes. Finally toss the wings together with the sauce thoroughly in a large bowl.

Garlic and Honey Sauce:

1/2 head of finely chopped garlic
1 tablespoon of chopped ginger
2 tablespoons of soy sauce
3 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar
1 tablespoon of mirin
1 tablespoon of sugar
4-5 table spoon of honey (adjust to your own liking)
1 tablespoon of sweet thai chili sauce
*2 tablespoon sriracha chili sauce
1/4 cup of water

While the wings are being cooked in the fryer it’s now a good time to start on the sauce.

Heat up a pan with a couple of table spoons of oil, brown the garlic and ginger, add soy sauce, apple cider vinegar, mirin, honey, sugar, sweet thai chili sauce, sriracha chili sauce, and water to the pan and let it simmer until it thickens.

*A friend of a friend brought Bonchon Chicken Wings in a party and it was a revelation…best chicken wings bar none! The challenge now is how to replicate it. From research and videos online I think I found it. It is husband, kids and parents approved 🙂 I doubled the recipe and I only got 5 wings leftovers. The only issue is my husband and I wanted to be more spicier. enJOY!!!

Source: Recipe Nom Nom!