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A week ago I got a wonderful surprise I was nominated as one of the Versatile Blogger by Shortcut Girl. I love the idea of promoting each others blog and to know a little bit more from each other beyond your post every single day.

My nominations:

Madame Croquette
Lois Elsden ~ Writer
Humble Feast
Sybarite Sauvage
Janis L Robles
Witty Misstee
Chilli Marmalade
Lee Sew Junkie
The Style of My Life
A Lot On Your Plate

Here’s the rules for the bloggers who where nominated:

  • In a post on your blog, thank the person who gave you this award as a  common courtesy. Include a link to their blog too.
  • Select bloggers that you’ve recently discovered or follow regularly and nominate those bloggers for the Versatile Blogger Award.
  • In the same post include the set of rules.
  • Inform the bloggers that they have been nominated.
  • Lastly on your blog post share 10 things about yourself.

Ten Things About Me:

  1. I don’t consider white chocolate real chocolate; for me it taste like pure sugar.
  2. I love spicy food so one of my ultimate goals is to cook/eat ghost peppers with the Scoville rating  of 330,000–1,000,000 .
  3. If I don’t get my daily dose of caffeine it gives me a headache.
  4. I drink tea just before I sleep.
  5. Tequila gives me a bad hangover…so I stay away from it.
  6. My ultimate travel destinations is the eco-friendly resorts in Maldives Island. Describe by Akhil Sharma “The Maldives islands look like some giant eyedropper has squeezed out drops of iodine into an expansive blue sea”.
  7. The most bizarre food I have tried is stingray prepared ceviche-style. It was tasty but kind of rubbery.
  8. I would like to tackle on  Anthony Bourdain’s 13 Places to Eat before I Die  list; at least 1/3 of it.
  9. I secretly think I was born to be a chef 🙂
  10. My first love is my family and my second love is food and these are the two things I can’t live with out.