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My “Works” Pizza


homemade pizza dough
pizza sauce
homemade kale pesto
*a dash cayenne pepper or hot sauce (optional)
freshly grated mozzarella
chicken andouille, slice
keilbasa sausage, slice
genoa salami, cut in quarters
onions, slice
cubanelle peppers, dice
black olives, slice

When I’m making pizza I don’t measure the ingredients like when I’m making sushi and I just go by the ingredients what I have on hand and what I really feel like eating.

I make my own pizza dough. I use half pizza sauce and half kale pesto. Sprinkle on the sauce cayenne pepper. Add the rest of the ingredients; I usually put on the meat first and the vegetables last.  Cook in 425F for 15 minutes or until the bottom is golden brown and crispy.

Click on the link on How to make Classic Pizza Dough.