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Pumpkin Bread


1 1/2 cups flour
1/2 teaspoon of salt
1 cup sugar
1 teaspoon baking soda
1 cup pumpkin purée
1/2 cup  olive oil
2 eggs, beaten
1/4 cup water
1/2 teaspoon nutmeg
1 teaspoon cinnamon
1/2 teaspoon allspice
1/2 cup chopped walnuts
*1 tablespoon ground flax seed

Preheat oven to 350°F (180°C). Sift together the flour, salt, sugar, and baking soda.

Mix the pumpkin, oil, eggs, 1/4 cup of water, and spices together, then combine with the dry ingredients, but do not mix too thoroughly. Stir in the nuts.

Pour into a well-buttered 9x5x3 inch loaf pan. Bake 50-60 minutes until a thin skewer poked in the very center of the loaf comes out clean. Turn out of the pan and let cool on a rack.

*I was trying to find a recipe for baked goods to bring my son’s bake sale in school. I found a wonderful recipe that doesn’t ask a lot of fat as a matter of fact no butter. It turned out moist and not heavy and overly sweet. Especially using freshly roasted organic pumpkin from CSA Hancock Shaker Village. I added ground flax seed to add some more goodness into it. You have an option to add dried fruits or chocolate chips. enJOY!!!

Ready for the Bake Sale!

Source: Simply Recipes